When Siblings Become Best Friends

People often ask me what made us decide to have so many children so close together. Having a family as large as ours is not unheard of, particularly in our part of the country. However, having less than a 2 year gap between each kid (usually more like 18 months apart) is much less common. … Continue reading When Siblings Become Best Friends

What About Rough Days?

How do you homeschool on rough days? I just had a baby. Sweet little Jacob is 4 weeks old. This means I have many sleepless nights and I spend the majority of my days carrying the baby around. Even when I break out my handy-dandy baby carrier (baby wearing for the win!) sometimes I'm just … Continue reading What About Rough Days?

Let’s Try Something New

The best way to study language arts is to learn about something that interests you. Our kids are extremely creative and love coming up with new and exciting story lines in their free time/play time. It's so much fun to sit and listen to their antics while I'm feeding the baby or sorting laundry. On … Continue reading Let’s Try Something New